Friday, July 29, 2011

Northern Thailand back to Singapore Day 6

The 6th day before heading home. Today, my planned is basically FOOD & Photography.

So many days on the move, have yet to take Photographs seriously. Today will be the day. We started the day early so we can route to Bak Kut Teh for breakfast. Indeed is famous, the Hokkien BKT in Melaka.

After breakfast, my camera Batt fully charged, and it's our time to be a Tourists. Melaka is a very small town, so isn't much place to go anyway! So we stick to the main attraction , the red building, St Paul's church and all those Eco building.

We had a simple lunch today, Wan Tan Mee which is not impressive at all, and continue to the Masjid Selat Mosque. This place is one of my favorite Photographing place.....we stay there for around 2 hours and head to our dinner.

We had Nonya today, search from Forums thought this restaurant is highly recommended one, but nothing to shout for. And after our dinner, we head back to the hotel for a shower and some rest....We had our supper in a porridge shop, the Frog porridge!! This is HIGHLY recommended!!! Yummy................. and go back to Hotel prepare for the following day adventure!

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