Friday, July 29, 2011

Northern Thailand back to Singapore Day 7 - Last day

As today is the last day of my entire road trip, we checked out the Hotel heading home but on the way back to Singapore, I saw the signboard Segamat....... my mind spinned again!!! Why not we drive into the Kampong and visit the Durian farm? Let's Go babe!!!! LOL

We head in to Kampong Teratai, a famous Durian farm well known by all Durian lovers. They served Buffet Durians, 25 RM, eat until you say stop. Hmmmmmm, worth a try right........ so this adventure begins before heading home to Sillypore.....opppps, a boring city I live in! Here it goes...............

Tips for this trip to conclude my Road trip.

- Have at least 7 hours of sleep before driving.

- A good map from embassy and a good GPS with updated maps.

- Lot's of mineral water in car, chicken essence & Red bull is also advisable.

- Bring lot's of CD, play fast songs so you won't get sleepy, sing along the way.

- Valid passport, car LOG card and credit cards.

- Before starting the day, check the Engine oil level and the tyre pressure.

- Change some foreign currency or must I say, changed a lot of Ringgits & Thai bahts.

- Check your vehicle before the trip, change all tyres and brake pads are highly recommended.

- Never save on Hotel expenses, booked a good hotel for a good sleep.

- 2 pairs of Sunglass, one for Sunny day and one for stormy weather.

- Note down all Emergency telephone number like Police station, car breakdown or friends and relatives ( if you have any )

- Don't eat too much along the way, it will make you feel sleepy.

- Try to take a break every 200-300 km.

- Keep a stable speed, do not rush and do not accelerate too fast, I recommend 120km/h is the ideal speed.

- Never drive in the dark, find a Hotel to rest when the sky getting dark!


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