Saturday, January 7, 2012

Orphanage treat ~ Wat Don Jan

Friend in Northern Thailand told me, if you really wanna do some charity or good deeds, give this poor kids a meal treat. This kids are mostly Orphans, parents abandoned or from very poor family. Their parents cannot afford to sent them to school, give them proper meal, so they sent this kids to this temple call Wat Don Jan.

      as what the Thais told me, the head of the Wat ( temple ) let this kids stay, eat and education them unconditionally. But the down side is that the best meal the temple can afford to let this kids have is canned food, instant noodles.

      So if someone were to treat them a "proper" meal like meat, chicken, vegetables, rice and soup . This will make all the kids smile!!!! Near 700 of them, I hope next that we can provide them with fruits and ice cream, that would be perfect!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Spooky Resort in Nan!

We have many days in the North, so today we decide to explore a sleepy Province , Nan. As far as I'm concerned, this town is basically Temples and mountains. From Chiang Mai a total distance of approximately 305 KM.

      After researched, we check in to a beautiful resort name Sasidara resort. This is one of the better one located deep in a soi in Nan. But something creepy happen during the 2 nights stay. As soon as we checked in to the big room, we both felt that "Somebody's watching us throughout "

  As you can see the Hotel interior and exterior, it's beautifully co ordinate with both natural and ancient taste. We chose to stay in the Biggest room, the whole area belongs to us. It's that we can rarely enjoy this sort of natural environment in Singapore....Well, it's a nice idea and it's so "private", it's like the Whole place belong to us. But night falls, it's a different story..........

     Here it goes, first, the resort is in between of a padi field, at night, Frogs  Ribit-ing non stop. The room turns creepy and it's totally dark. As the room is made of wood, lanna style , it's so obvious that we can feel every tiny movement in the night. Like  the Wind Howl the wooden windows and doors making spooky noise , Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark, eeerie. Me and wifey had a long first night. We both knew somethings watching us and we try to pretend we were asleep. Bladder's full but dare not walk to the bathroom to release. Enough is enough, wifey cannot stand anymore and courageously wake up and run into the toilet......and me follow through!!!! Covering the Blankets and stick near to each other for the entire night, and I cannot remember when was the last time we hold hands and sleep!!

    Wifey dream t an old woman holding her late husband Photo in a big frame, telling her must pray her husband. What a dream, and the following day, we proceed to temple hidden in the forest for some donations. We bought rice, milk, oil and some other daily products for the poor in that village....after that we proceed to the famous temple name, Wat Phrathat Chae Haeng. And that particular night, we have a good sleep before checking out!! And it will be the first and last time visiting this resort.............

    ps: A local told us, while visiting or sleeping overnight at any place in Thailand, make a habit to visit the Spirit house aka (san phra phum Thai: ศาล พระภูมิ) and inform "them" that you just stay for a few days or nights. So "the owner" won't be "watching you" throughout.