Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Northern Thailand back to Singapore Day 2

Today is the second day of the return leg. Started from Ayutthaya intending to hit all the way to the Southern Thailand, a province called Surat Thani. As I know, this town is a sleepy one, normally people stay there for a night is to transit to the beautiful Island call Koh Samui.

Yet another 744km to drive in order to reached there. So we start early from Ayutthata. Not enjoying the stay in Ayutthaya though, my car Logo was stolen in a Car Park which had 5-6 Security guards standing by!!! No one can answer what's going on BUT never mind.....this is the momentum of travel, you gain and you loss too!!

We know the complicated part is the bypassing of Bangkok, and yet we were stuck 2 hours there again . The jam cause by a chain accident of about 10 cars colliding one another.

Overall, it's a terrific drive keeping an average speed at 140 km/ it goes.............

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