Thursday, July 28, 2011

Northern Thailand back to Singapore Day 4

          Today is the last day of my road trip in thailand, can't bear to bid farewell to Thai! We really precious the moment driving in your country...3 cheers to your Highways too!

We started the drive early by leaving Krabi at around 8am local time. We cannot predict the crowd in Sadao border because it was a Saturday. We were planning to stop a night at Ipoh town but ending up in Kampar (Perak) .

The total distance from Krabi to Kampar is 631 km. It was a simple drive and the only time taken is the crossing of border again. After the border, my car was inspected by Army this time....a very very thorough one though.

As my boot is full of staffs, some from Thailand, some from Malaysia, sourvenirs, daily products etc. I was lectured by the officer demanding me for taxes of stuffs in my car. They don't speak English and I don't speak Malay, so Chicken and Duck talking.

He wanted me to pay some tax on the spot, BUT I refused, and I told the officer to confiscate the things that he felt like taxing me. Nothing much, some dry food, some soap, some electrical appliances, some fruits and some sourvenirs.

If he want it, he can have it BUT I'm not willing to bribe him..............and he GO, next time cannot bring so many thing to Malaysia huh!!! Selamat Datang.....Terima Kasih it goes......................​...

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