Friday, August 5, 2011

The Pong Kwao hot spring resort & Spa

  Saw this natural mountain , hot spring resort & Spa from youtube. After doing the route research, we decide to visit this place because it seems very interesting. There are many ways to reached the destination although GPS make no important going to this place, it's more like a off road route.

       From Chiang Mai city, we head straight to this Hot Spring, we drive for around 137 km upon reaching. The road is bad, very bad but after all we had chose the longer distance for the best route available, BUT it still bad!  this is the website, for the entrance fee and the route, you may visit their website. There are resorts, Spa, Massage and individual hotspring available for a minimal rate. But I don't appreciate one incident is that local and tourist, they will collect different price ( a real turnoff )

     For those who has yet to visit this place, and is planning to.... I strong advice..........Highly NOT recommended!!! Seek elsewhere. The Hot Spring water are dirty, not well maintained. The massage are expensive 280 Bht for an hour, no proper room, no air con, no outfit.

   My two cents worth!

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